El Paso VA Home Loan Lenders

If you’re finding that mortgage companies and real estate agents aren’t treating you like a priority because you’re a Veteran who wants to take advantage of your home financing benefits, then turn to Benchmark Mortgage and our El Paso VA home loan lenders.

While other mortgage companies work with VA loans, we SPECIALIZE in working with them. We’re leading VA mortgage lenders in El Paso, TX that are ready to help you understand the full benefits of this mortgage program and walk you through the process of originating your loan and using it to purchase or refinance a home.

The Premier VA Home Loan lenders in El Paso, TX

There is a reason that so many Veterans and active-duty members of the military turn to Benchmark Mortgage as their choice in El Paso VA mortgage lenders. We have the knowledge and experience to make the VA loan process quick, simple and stress-free. Here is some information that speaks to our experience as El Paso VA home loan lenders.

  • Benchmark Mortgage proudly stands as one of the top VA loan originators in all of the State of Texas.
  • We have over 20 years of experience serving as VA mortgage lenders in El Paso TX, helping hundreds of Americans achieve the dream of home ownership.
  • With hundreds of VA loans originated already, Benchmark Mortgage has a dedication and passion to serving military members in our local area, helping them to gain easier, more affordable, access to home financing.

Talk to Our Team About El Paso VA Home Loan Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for VA loans hinges on factors such as service record, credit, income and more. Our team will be able to review your VA home loan eligibility in El Paso, TX and get you prequalified quickly and easily. Once you’re prequalified, you can start house hunting!

No one treats Veterans and active members of the military like a priority quite like Benchmark Mortgage does. Rely on our team as your El Paso VA home loan lenders.

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To speak with one of our knowlegeable and friendly VA specialists about the Texas Vet or VA Mortgage program in El Paso, please call our toll-free number at 866-704-2826, or click on the button below and complete our quick-and-easy online form. An experienced VA specialist will be happy to assist you.