Purchasing a Home with a Texas Vet Loan or VA Loan

Veterans and active-duty personnel living in Texas have two great options for financing a home. Because of your service to our country, you can choose between two awesome home loan programs, the Texas Vet Home Loan program and the VA Guaranteed Home Loan program and get an incredible rate, with no down payment and no monthly mortgage insurance (PMI). This can literally save you hundreds of dollars each month compared to other types of financing such as a FHA or Conventional mortgage.

The First Option

The Texas Veterans Land Board Program

The first VA program is commonly referred to as a Texas Vet loan. This loan program is sponsored by the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB), or Veterans Land Board (VLB) for short. The VLB is underwritten to the same guidelines as a VA Guaranteed Loan. In fact it is a VA Loan, but it is available only to eligible and qualified veterans and active-duty personnel who are residents of the state of Texas. The VLB does not originate these loans, they simply offer the program. Lenders, like us who are approved with the Land Board originate and close these loans.

The VLB offers excellent rates, which are posted every Friday afternoon, every week. In addition, they offer a reduced rate of 0.05% (1/2%) for disabled veterans who have at least a 30% or greater disability rating.

The Texas Vet Loan is a tremendous program for disabled Texas veterans and we have been originating Texas Vet loans for years and we are proud to offer this program to our military families in Texas.

The Second Option

The VA Guaranteed Loan Program

The second VA Program is the VA Guaranteed Loan, which is offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This program is available nationwide to eligible and qualified veterans and even to some active-duty personnel, depending on their length of service. Veterans purchasing or refinancing in Texas with a VA Loan may qualify with a FICO score as low as 600 for VA purchase and VA cashout loans. The VA Loan program offers great rates, no down payment, no Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) or Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and now available down to a 600 FICO.

In addition, loan amounts exceeding a purchase price of $766,550 are available to eligible and qualified Texas Veterans. No down payment for VA Loans exceeding $766,550 will be required.

We have been originating the VA Loan and Texas Vet Loan for over 15 years and have closed well over 1000 loans since we started.

Chances are good we can answer any questions you may have regarding either loan program, the eligibility requirements, and also help you get fully preapproved so that you can start working with a realtor, find a home, close on time and move in to your new home.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you choose the option that best serves your needs.

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