Dallas Veterans Home Mortgages

There are Dallas Veterans home mortgage programs that can save you significant money on the purchase or refinancing of your home. The staff at Benchmark Mortgage is standing by to talk to you about them.

We are leading Veteran mortgage lenders in Dallas, TX that work with both Veterans and active-duty members of the military to help them achieve their home buying goals.

Buying a home is the quintessential American dream, and we feel that Veterans and active members of the military have earned that right thanks to their service. That’s why our Dallas mortgages for vets give easier access to the financing needed to purchase a home.

Work with Leading Dallas Veteran Mortgage Lenders

When it comes to a Veterans home mortgage in Dallas TX, we provide our clients with both VA loans and Texas Vet Loans. We can sit down with you and see if you qualify for these loans, and if so, which might be best for your specific needs.

These mortgages for vets in Dallas, TX help you save significant money both up front, and in the long-term thanks to:

  • No down payment: A Dallas Veterans home mortgage provides 100 percent financing. This is perfect for those that have not had the opportunity to save up a big down payment.
  • Below-market interest rates: This is one of those factors that save you significant money in the long run. VA loans and Texas Vet Loans feature low interest rates that are even lower for disabled Veterans.
  • No PMI/MIP or excessive closing costs: As your Veteran mortgage lenders in Dallas TX, we’ll show you how to completely avoid private mortgage insurance and even limit your closing costs.

Put a Dallas Veterans home mortgage to work for you. Connect with Benchmark Mortgage and get prequalified for a loan that thanks you for your service.

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