Fort Worth Veterans VA Land Board Loans

Members of the military family have an advantage when it comes to home financing - both Fort Worth Veterans Land Board loans and VA loans are at their disposal, loaded with a wide range of benefits.

If you are a Veteran, or an active-duty member of the United States military, and aren’t already putting these benefits to good use, then we invite you to join Benchmark Mortgage and explore Fort Worth Vet Loan programs that can help you purchase a home affordably.

About Veterans Land Board Loans in Fort Worth, TX

Also known as Texas Vet Loans, these are mortgages guaranteed by the Texas Veterans Land Board and can be used when purchasing a primary residence right here in the state of Texas.

Interest rates on Fort Worth Veterans Land Board loans are set by the VLB and they change every week. Benchmark Mortgage keeps you updated on interest rates through our website and our team members.

While the actual number might fluctuate, a vet loan in Fort Worth, TX offers below-market interest rates. Texas Vet Loans, particularly, can feature interest rates that are even lower for veterans with disabilities.

Explore Fort Worth VA Loan Qualifications

VA loans are another - and more popular - home financing program for Veterans. The VA loan qualifications in Fort Worth, TX hinge on service record, income, past credit and more. The VA loan can be used outside of Texas and features different interest rates than Texas Vet Loans.

With the help of Benchmark Mortgage, we can streamline the process of applying for a VA loan, starting by making sure you satisfy the Fort Worth VA loan qualifications. We’re one of the top VA loan originators in the entire state of Texas!

Here at Benchmark, we take great pride in providing high-caliber service for the folks that deserve it the most - our military family. Get answers and insight about Fort Worth Veterans Land Board loans and VA loans by connecting with our team.

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