Fort Worth Apply for a VA Home Loan

Not only does our team at Benchmark Mortgage help Veterans in Fort Worth apply for a VA home loan, but we follow our clients through each step of the process to help them successfully meet their home buying goals.

It’s a huge help to have experienced lending professionals in your corner when getting a VA home loan in Fort Worth, TX. The process involved with getting a VA loan is slightly different than the process associated with obtaining a traditional FHA loan.

That’s why you need to work with a lender that has extensive experience with Fort Worth VA house loan programs. You will want to avoid mistakes and delays in the process, which will make you less competitive while scouring the market for your perfect home.

Benchmark Mortgage Will Help You Apply for a VA Home Loan in Fort Worth, TX

Our staff is the perfect resource in Fort Worth for getting a VA home loan for a number of reasons.

  • For starters, our work with Veterans and active-duty members of the military is proven. We are one of the top VA loan originators in all of Texas
  • We focus on helping Veterans in Fort Worth apply for a VA home loan and other mortgage programs (i.e. Texas Vet Loans). Benchmark has devoted our business to serving this specific demographic.
  • When you work with our team for getting a VA home loan in Fort Worth, TX, you’re going to get the personalized attention that you need. When you work with large, corporate lenders, you might struggle just to talk to a live person. With Benchmark, you are treated like a priority so that your questions and concerns are always addressed.

Get Started on Your VA House Loan in Fort Worth, TX

We’re ready to help all Veterans in Fort Worth apply for a VA home loan and put to use this very beneficial mortgage program. Get started right now - we’ll begin by acquiring your certificate of eligibility.

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To speak with one of our knowlegeable and friendly VA specialists about the Texas Vet or VA Mortgage program in Fort Worth, please call our toll-free number at 866-704-2826, or click on the button below and complete our quick-and-easy online form. An experienced VA specialist will be happy to assist you.