Houston Veterans Administration Home Loans

If you’re a past or present member of the military, and dream of owning your own home, there are Houston Veterans administration home loans that can help you do it.

Houston Veteran assistance loans come in a couple of forms. You might have already heard about VA loans, which are loans that are guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Here at Benchmark Mortgage we specialize in VA loans - in fact, we’re one of the top originators of VA loans for the entire state of Texas.

With these Veterans administration home loans in Houston TX, you reap some of the following benefits.

  • No down payment on your home
  • No private mortgage insurance needed on your home
  • Reduced closing costs
  • Better interest rates than other mortgage programs
  • Financing that can provide you with hundreds of thousands of dollars

These are some very attractive benefits that are not available to civilians that have traditional FHA loans on their homes. The team at Benchmark Mortgage can sit down with you and go over everything you need to know about VA loans and see if you qualify for any of our veteran assistance loans in Houston TX.

These Houston Veterans administration home loans are fairly easy to qualify for, even if you have imperfect credit.

About Texas Vet Loans

In addition to VA loans, Texas Vet Loans, sponsored by the Texas Veterans Land Board, is another attractive option when it comes to Houston Veteran assistance loans.

Texas Vet Loans are almost identical to VA loans, but they do come with a few differences, which is why it’s so important to sort these details out with a member of our staff. They’ll be able to offer answers and insight to your needs.

At Benchmark, we’d love to talk to you more about Houston Veterans administration home loans. Submit your free loan request online and a member of our team will contact your shortly.

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