Texas Disabled Vet Property Tax Exemptions

The Texas Disabled Vet property tax exemption means that we do not collect additional money at closing to escrow for property taxes for veterans with a 100% disability rating. Texas Disabled Veterans will be required to provide us with their VA Disability Award Letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs, showing 100% disability.

Texas Disabled Veterans living in Texas are likely eligible for property tax exemptions. The amount of the exemption will vary by county, and the percent of the veteran’s service-connected disability rating.

Texas Disabled Veteran benefits include a tax exemption from a portion of the assessed value of a designated Veteran owned property in accordance with the following schedule:

Disability Exemption

Disability Rating Exemption Amount Up To
10% to 29% $5,000 from the property's value
30% to 49% $7,500 from the property's value
50% to 69% $10,000 from the property's value
70% to 100% $12,000 from the property's value

Disabled Veterans residing in Texas who are 100% VA Disability rated are fully exempt from property taxes.

Texas Veterans Home Loans will not require the borrower to set up an escrow account for property taxes at closing if the borrower can provide the application for disability exemption and a VA disability award letter showing 100% disability.

More information regarding the Texas Disabled Vet property tax exemption can be found at here on the Texas Comptroller’s Website.

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