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Welcome to Benchmark Mortgage, were we specialize in VA home loan lending and will work hard to help Veterans in San Antonio apply for a VA home loan.

A VA loan is a great opportunity for a Veteran or active-duty member of the United States military. Since being established by the Department of Veteran Affairs decades ago, countless Veterans have been getting a VA home loan in San Antonio, TX in order to achieve their dreams of home ownership.

You don’t need a big down payment - or a down payment at all - when you have a San Antonio VA house loan, and you can also cash in on below-market interest rates. Another perk is the fact that you can forgo private mortgage insurance, which will save you even more money on your monthly payments.

These are benefits you earned from your years of service - apply for a VA home loan in San Antonio TX and take advantage of them.

We’ll Walk You Through the Process of Getting a VA House Loan in San Antonio, TX

If you’re in San Antonio getting a VA home loan, it won’t be surprising if traditional lenders don’t give you the time of day. Many lenders consider the process of originating VA loans to be long and daunting. But, it’s really not!

Benchmark Mortgage has decades of experience on our staff, so we know how to navigate this process seamlessly. We help Veterans in San Antonio apply for a VA home loan, and then walk them through each step of the process - from acquiring your COE and prequalifying you, to arranging a VA appraisal on your choice property and processing your application.

When you work with our team in getting a VA home loan in San Antonio, TX it doesn’t take any longer than a traditional loan and you’re able to cash in on some great benefits.

We have team members standing by, ready to help Veterans in San Antonio apply for a VA home loan. Get started by connecting with our staff!

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