Plano Veterans VA Land Board Loans

Welcome to Benchmark Mortgage, where we are dedicated to providing helpful, personal service while giving you access Plano Veterans Land Board loans (also known as Texas Vet Loans) and VA loans.

These are two highly beneficial Plano Vet Loan programs that make home ownership more accessible and affordable for Veterans and active-duty members of the military.

If you are a member of the military family, and have not yet explored these benefits, then we invite you to connect with our team. We’ll determine if you meet Plano VA Loan qualifications and go on from there.

Looking for a Vet Loan in Plano, TX? Benchmark Can Provide You With Guidance

VA loans and Veterans Land Board loans in Plano, TX are the two types of mortgages that cater specifically to past and present members of the military. They have their slight differences, but, overall, they provide the same core benefits, which include:

  • No down payment necessary on your home
  • Below-market interest rates
  • No private mortgage insurance
  • Relaxed qualification standards
  • Minimal closing costs

As you can see, Plano Veterans Land Board loans, and VA loans, allow military members to buy a home almost immediately. And, over the course of their mortgage, they will enjoy thousands of dollars in savings. This is a major benefit - make sure you use it!

Let’s Talk About VA Loan Qualifications in Plano, TX

Benchmark can walk you through a step-by-step process to get you prequalified for a Texas Vet Loan or VA loan. For instance, Plano VA loan qualifications require a certificate of eligibility. We will help you acquire that document, and handle all the legwork moving forward.

Put Plano Veterans Land Board loans to work for you. At Benchmark, we look forward to providing you with exemplary service.

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