Houston Apply for a VA Home Loan

Welcome to Benchmark Mortgage, where we help Veterans and active-duty members of the military in Houston apply for a VA home loan or Texas Vet Loan. Both of these mortgage programs come with distinct financial benefits that you rightfully earned.

By getting a VA home loan in Houston TX, you are able to benefit from a variety of features, including:

  • 100 percent financing: With a Houston VA house loan, you don’t have to put down a single cent for a down payment. Saving up for a sizable down payment can be a long process - when you apply for a VA home loan in Houston TX, you are able gain access to home ownership right away.
  • Below-market interest rates: A VA house loan in Houston, TX comes with lower interest rates than traditional FHA mortgages. You can talk to one of our team members to check the current rates on VA loans and Texas Vet Loans. If you’re in Houston getting a VA home loan, and were injured in combat, you can likely cash in on even lower interest rates.
  • No private mortgage insurance: By helping vets in Houston apply for a VA home loan, we are providing them with a program that eliminates PMI/MIP, which is required for traditional loans when you’re unable to put 20 percent down. This will save you significant money in the long run.

The benefits go on from there. Before getting a VA home loan in Houston TX, connect with the team at Benchmark Mortgage. We can examine your unique situation and help you find an avenue of financing that will benefit you most.

We take pride in helping vets in Houston apply for a VA home loan. We want to do everything we can to help you achieve your dream of home ownership!

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