Dallas Veterans VA Land Board Loans

If you are a past or present member of the United States military, then you should be interested in learning about Dallas Veterans Land Board loans (a.k.a. Texas Vet Loans) and traditional VA loans. Both of these mortgage programs were set in place for the very purpose of providing benefits for the men and women who sacrifice to protect this great country.

Benchmark Mortgage would love to help you find a vet loan in Dallas, TX that provides you with everything you need to be able to buy a home right now, and secure fair, manageable financing in the process.

About VA Loans and Veterans Land Board Loans in Dallas, TX

VA loans are guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs while Texas Vet Loans are covered by the Veterans Land Board here in Texas. While there are subtle differences in these two Dallas Vet loan types, they also share a few things in common - the benefits that make this form of financing especially enticing.

  • VA loans and Dallas Veterans Land Board loans provide below-market interest rates, which allows you to save significant money over the life of your mortgage. For Texas Vet Loans, the rate can be reduced even further for disabled Veterans.
  • Dallas VA loan qualifications hinge on service record, credit, income and other factors, as it does for Texas Vet Loans. The team at Benchmark Mortgage can help you acquire your certificate of eligibility and move quickly to become prequalified.
  • There is no requirement on down payment for either a VA loan or Texas Vet Loan. This means you can get a home without putting any money down. Plus, both of these mortgage programs allow you to avoid private mortgage insurance.

Let’s Talk About VA loan Qualifications in Dallas, TX

Before you can embark on a home buying journey, you need to work with qualified professionals to examine your Dallas VA loan qualifications. Benchmark Mortgage streamlines this process and makes it ultra-simple for our clients.

Let’s chat about the many benefits of Dallas Veterans Land Board loans and VA loans and let’s get you the home financing that you deserve.

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