El Paso Home Loans For Vets

If you are wondering whether home financing is accessible to you as a past or present member of the military, then consult with Benchmark Mortgage and learn about our El Paso home loans for vets.

We get a lot of men and women coming into our office with many misconceptions about mortgages and home financing. As a company that specializes in El Paso loans for Veterans, we are ready to provide you with the insight you need to make informed decisions about your home buying journey.

We feature mortgages for Veterans in El Paso TX in the form of VA loans and Texas Vet Loans. Both of them provide benefits - no money down, low interest rates, no PMI/MIP, etc. — but there are some differences. It’s important to consult with one of our professionals so that you can determine which of the home loans for vets in El Paso TX might be best for you.

What You Need to Know About Loans for Veterans in El Paso, TX

What’s holding you back from pursuing financing for a home? As leaders in El Paso mortgages for Veterans, we consult with many folks that:

  • Have not saved up money for a down payment. That’s all right - with our El Paso home loans for vets, you can gain access to 100 percent financing. You don’t have to put down a dime.
  • Are struggling with poor credit. The qualifications standards for El Paso loans for Veterans are a bit more relaxed than FHA loans. This means you can still qualify for financing despite imperfect credit.
  • Are not sure what VA loans or Texas Vet Loans are. If you are not clued in to these helpful programs for Veterans and active-duty members of the military, then you are missing out on a myriad of benefits. We’ll talk to you more about them.

Benchmark Mortgage proudly stands as one of the top VA loan originators in the state of Texas. We invite you to lean on our expertise to gain access to El Paso home loans for vets!

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To speak with one of our knowlegeable and friendly VA specialists about the Texas Vet or VA Mortgage program in El Paso, please call our toll-free number at 866-704-2826, or click on the button below and complete our quick-and-easy online form. An experienced VA specialist will be happy to assist you.