Texas Veterans Home Loans

Whether you are seeking to purchase a home here in Texas, or want to refinance your mortgage, Benchmark Mortgage offers Texas Veterans home loans that come with a myriad of benefits.

The men and women who have sacrificed their livelihood to protect the freedoms of our nation deservedly have access to mortgage options that provide a variety of benefits when compared to traditional FHA loans.

With a Texas Veterans mortgage, you can enjoy the luxuries of:

  • Putting no money down on your home. You can get 100 percent financing from our Veterans home loans in Texas, which means you don’t have to wait years to finally sock away the needed cash for a down payment.
  • Below-market interest rates. Your Veterans mortgage in Texas will come with reduced interest rates, making it easier to make payments on your home and allow you to make quicker progress on the principal.
  • No private mortgage insurance. If you do not put down more than 20 percent down on a traditional mortgage, you will be forced to purchase this insurance, which can inflate your monthly payments significantly. Texas Veterans home loans eliminate this factor from your mortgage.
  • Limited closing costs and fees. A Texas Veterans mortgage even provides some relief from those excessive fees that come with closing on your home. This is just another way that these loans put more cash back in your pocket.

Benchmark Mortgage offers both regular VA loans and Texas Vet Loans as an approved Texas Veteran Land Board lender. Our team can sit down with you to talk about the differences of each type of loan and which might be best for your needs.

At Benchmark Mortgage, we look forward to helping you meet your home buying dreams with Texas Veterans home loans. Get started now by consulting with our staff.

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