Killeen VA Home Loan Lenders

Benchmark Mortgage is proud to serve as one of the leading Killeen VA home loan lenders, helping equip our nation’s heroes with the resources they need to make their dreams of home ownership a reality.

In fact, Benchmark Mortgage isn’t just one of the top VA mortgage lenders in Killeen TX, but our status as a Veteran Land Board member also allows us to give Veterans with disabilities access to the Texas Vet Loan program. One of our representatives can sit down with you to discuss the differences and help match you with a program that will ensure your long-term success as a homeowner.

Join Benchmark to Explore the Killeen VA Home Loan Eligibility Requirements

The first step toward home ownership for Veterans and active duty military is discussing VA home loan eligibility in Killeen, TX and determining what sort of financing that you quality for. Thanks to options like VA loans and Texas Vet Loans, financing is more accessible than it would be with a traditional mortgage.

Your eligibility hinges on important factors such as:

  • Service record: As your VA home loan lenders in Killeen TX, our team at Benchmark Mortgage needs to know that the VA will guarantee your loan. We will review your service record to ensure you meet the requirements.
  • Credit: One of the major selling points for VA loans and Texas Vet Loans is that they are accessible to Veterans and active duty military members regardless of past credit. However, each of the private Killeen VA mortgage lenders are able to use their discretion in setting credit score requirements. Benchmark Mortgage offers very relaxed requirements - you can access financing even with dinged up and imperfect credit.
  • Income: This represents to Killeen VA home loan lenders your ability to pay on your loan. With the help of a Benchmark Mortgage team member, we can calculate your residual income and determine if you are able to maintain mortgage payments and how much you qualify for.

It’s important to work with VA mortgage lenders in Killeen, TX that specialize in working with Veterans and activity duty military members. They’ll be able to provide you with the answers and insight you need in your search for financing.

Team up with the leading Killeen VA home loan lenders and take a step toward your dream of home ownership.

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