Calculating Your Texas Vet or VA Loan Payment

One of the most important factors is your total monthly house payment. Calculating your VA loan payment for a Texas Vet or VA loan is based on several factors, including current rates, loan term, the amount of the VA funding fee (VAFF), etc. The credit score, loan amount, property type, lock term, and many other price adjusters are all considerations in determining the interest rate on a regular VA loan. The Texas Vet loan rates are updated each Friday evening, and are posted each week on our website.

The amount of the VA funding fee varies based on the following factors...

  • Whether this is your first VA loan or you have had a VA loan previously
  • If your military service was regular military or reserves
  • Loan purpose - purchase or refinance
  • Down Payment - A down payment of 5% or 10% reduces the funding fee
  • Whether or not you have a VA service-connected disability

In summary, to accurately calculate a Texas Vet or VA Loan payment, the correct percentage for the funding fee needs to be determined, and the interest rate used needs to be as accurate as possible. Online mortgage calculators do not take into consideration the VA funding fee, and they are not able to estimate an accurate rate for your qualification.

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