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Texas Veterans Home Loans is backed by Benchmark Mortgage. We are one of the top VA Loan originators in the state of Texas and you will see below why that is. We strive for excellence in everything we do... and... we love our military family!

Following are some videos that will show you how dedicated we are in serving our veterans, servicemen and women.

What is the Benchmark Magic?

Marcus and Chad: Benchmark Never Quits

Listen as retired United States Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and Retired U.S. Army Captain Chad Fleming share what Benchmark means to them.

The Benchmark Magic

Listen as our team members share what the Benchmark Magic means to them.

The Benchmark Magic

Branch manager Chris Moore explains why being Available is the Benchmark Magic.

The Benchmark Magic

Accounts Payable Specialist Misty Rangel tells why having Heart is the Benchmark Magic.

The Benchmark Magic

Underwriter Support Manager Becky Ruiz explains why having Resources is the Benchmark Magic.

The Benchmark Magic

Underwriter Melissa Perritt tells why working together and Teamwork is the Benchmark Magic.

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Boot'N & Shoot'N / Operation Home Giveaway

Boot'N & Shoot'N logo
Operation Home Giveaway logo
Boot'N & Salute'N logo

The Most Patriotic Day in Texas!

Boot’N & Shoot’N began in 2012 under the generous guidance of Stewart and Janet Hunter of Benchmark Mortgage. Looking for a way to establish a signature event in the Dallas area to support veterans, the Hunters landed on the idea to host other patriots in one of America’s favorite pastimes: clay shooting. Add in a few crowd-pleasers like incredible food and live music and you’ve got yourself a shootin’ good time!

Threads of national pride are woven throughout the event. Each shooting team is paired with a veteran teammate, guest speakers tell their inspirational stories of service and sacrifice on-stage and the musical talent invariably sings songs rooted firmly in Americana. With several years of success on the books, Boot’N & Shoot’N is now able to expand the charitable giving resulting from registrations, raffle tickets and the live auction. In addition to donating proceeds to The Brain Treatment Foundation, who helps retired service members navigate through post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.

More than a one-day event, Boot’N & Shoot’N aims to make a lasting impact on the veteran community. Each year features a memorial tribute to fallen service members, with past honorees including Chris Kyle, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. In addition to funds raised for charity partners, two mortgage-free home grants have been given to deserving military families and hundreds of veterans have attended the event free of charge thanks to sponsor gifts. It’s impossible to walk away without a renewed sense of patriotism and gratitude for our nation’s servicemen and women, which is exactly what the Hunters envisioned.

Boot Campaign

Benchmark is proud to announce in 2012 a new partnership with the grassroots initiative called the Boot Campaign. In their first month alone this dynamic organization successfully raised over $125,000 for our veteran community with the sale of combat boots.

Boot'N and Shoot'N 2012 Recap

Highlight video from the shooting portion at the 2012 Boot'n & Shoot'n 2012 in Dallas, TX to support The Boot Campaign. Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrell and Sean Parnell were among the honored guests. Over $100,000 raised at this event for our veteran community.

Boot'N and Shoot'N 2013 Recap

Sammy Kershaw, SEAL Team 3, and a ton of great friends joined Boot’N & Shoot’N 2013 where we honored Staff Seargent Joey Jones U.S. Marines as the 1st recipient for Operation Home Giveaway. Over $280,000 raised at this event for our veteran community.

Boot'N and Shoot'N 2014 Recap

This year's honored heros were the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the 2012 Benghazi attack. Highly trained formal SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were also honored and were presented as honorary Texans by Gov. Rick Perry. Over $370,000 raised at this event for our veteran community.

Boot'N and Shoot'N 2015 Recap

Benchmark partnered with Camp Southern Ground, founded by C&W superstar Zac Brown. We helped kick off their new military initiative to build a new adventure center that plays host to children who have familiy members deployed and veteran families of those that have a Mom or a Dad who didn't come back home. Over $550,000 raised at this event for our veteran community.

Boot'N and Shoot'N 2016 Recap

Brain Treatment Foundation participated in the Boot'n Shoot'n Campaign on April 14th, 2016 to support U.S Veterans and their families. The Navy Seal Parachute Team 'Leap Frogs' jumped out of their airborne plane and glided down on parachutes bringing with them a waving American flag. Over $650,000 raised at this event for our veteran community.

Boot'N and Shoot'N 2017 Recap

The 2017 Boot'n and Shoot'n fundraiser shootout at the Dallas Gun Club raised money for multiple veterans organizations, including the Brain Treatment Foundation. The Foundation helps get veterans positive life-altering care for their TBI and PTSD symptoms. These treatments are unavailable through the Veterans Administration, and cost prohibitive to most veterans. Over $1,100,000 raised at this event for our veteran community.

Boot'N and Shoot'N 2012-2018 Recap

In the last two years we have provided 65 veterans with brain treatment scholarships and assisted over 350 people through Third Option. To date, Boot'N & Shoot'N has raised over $2,900,000 for our veteran community.

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