El Paso Veterans VA Land Board Loans

As a Veteran or active-duty member of the United States military, you are entitled to benefits when it comes to home financing, and El Paso Veterans Land Board loans are one of those benefits.

Also called Texas Vet Loans, this is a special mortgage program intended for past or present members of the military, guaranteed by the Veterans Land Board in Texas. With below-market interest rates and no mandates on down payments, this is a great way to make home ownership accessible and affordable for members of the military family.

Another El Paso vet loan program is more well known around the country - the VA loan. This is another way for Veterans to cash in on a variety of benefits when it comes to home financing, and we can work with you to determine if you satisfy the needed El Paso VA loan qualifications.

Apply for a Vet Loan in El Paso, TX with Benchmark Mortgage

At Benchmark Mortgage, we specialize in VA loans and Veterans Land Board loans in El Paso, TX. While some lenders shy away from originating these types of loans, we make it a focus of what we do.

That’s because we have a genuine passion for serving the men and women of the military. These are our country’s heroes who have sacrificed a lot to serve their country – the least we can do is make sure that they are treated fairly when it comes to home financing. Through El Paso Veterans Land Board loans and VA loans, we can assure that you are able to achieve the American dream of home ownership.

Let’s Talk About El Paso VA Loan Qualifications

Getting prequalified for a VA loan or Texas Vet Loan comes with a little bit of a process, but we’ll streamline it for you. From helping you acquire your certificate of eligibility, to securing all the other important documents, we’ll make sure you are in compliance with VA loan qualifications in El Paso, TX so you can start the search for a home.

Thank you for considering Benchmark Mortgage for El Paso Veterans Land Board loans and VA loans.

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